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DenPro Hero Shield Face Visor

Confused about PPE face visors, shields and guards?

Anyone confused on what is the most appropriate face visor to wear? Be assured that you are not the only one! With so many names being thrown about such as visor, shield, guard, and so many PPE products out there to choose from, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t worry, DenPro is here to help!  

Firstly, the words face guard, face visor and face shield all mean the same and these terms are used interchangeably within the world of PPE. For the purpose of this article, we will call them visors.

A face visor serves the purpose of protecting the face, in particular the mouth, nose and eye areas from airborne particles and splashes. Similarly, a face covering is defined by the government as “something which safely covers the nose and mouth”.

There has been a lot of negative press about the wearing of face coverings. Some can be very restrictive, uncomfortable, difficult to breathe, anti-social and opens up serious mental health issues such as anxiety, fear and claustrophobia. Reassuringly, the Scottish government have recognised this and advised that “you may also use, if you prefer, a face visor but it must cover your nose and mouth completely.”

Wear Your Hero Shield

If you decide to wear a PPE face visor, please ensure that you consider the following:

  • Face visors are generally made of 2 parts, the protective sheet material which covers the face and the headband to which the sheet is affixed. Make sure the protective sheet on the visor is long enough to cover your nose and mouth. With a height of 21cm, the Hero Shield reusable face visor from DenPro has been worn widely by key frontline workers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to offer maximum PPE protection. 5% of sales is also donated to the Hero Shield Charity.


  • PPE materials can vary widely and different grades of plastics will impact the performance and reusability of the visor. Some lower grades could result in easy scratching and thus reducing the clear visibility. The DenPro Hero Shield reusable face visor is made in the UK, CE approved and an authorised supplier to the NHS. The materials used in the manufacture of the DenPro Hero Shield reusable face visor are of high quality, durability and deliver clinical grade protection. Another plus point is it has a vented anti-fog feature meaning that the visor is optically clear.


  • Flexibility is key to ensure maximum comfort over prolonged periods of use. Therefore, ensure that your PPE visor is equipped with an adjustable fitting. Like the Hero Shield reusable face visor by DenPro, the visor has a bespoke designed headband which can be easily adjusted to fit and allows glasses to be worn underneath.
  • Reduce costs and waste by choosing a reusable visor which can be easily sanitised for repeated use. Imagine the build-up of costs from purchasing multiple disposable face visors or coverings for daily use…not to mention what it is doing to our planet and environment. Any visor using foam and/or elastic are recommended for single use, so be responsible and select a reusable, sanitisable visor…did we mention that the DenPro Hero Shield reusable face visor ticks this box too??

Hero Shield

Hope this helps to make sense of the confusion around PPE face visors. For further information on the DenPro Hero Shield reusable face visor, please visit www.denpro.co.uk.