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Introduction to DenPro

Introduction to DenPro

Blonde Woman in Scrubs wearing Medical Face Mask FFP3

DENPRO may be a new manufacturer to be listed onto the NHS Framework Agreement for PPE, but as a division of Denroy, one of the world’s leading innovators of high-tech, critical components for the aerospace, medical, defence and automotive industries, DENPRO has over 50 years of experience and expertise under the belt.

When it comes to innovative design, engineering, and injection moulding, Denroy are the experts.

SC21 Supply Chains Gold Award

A force to be reckoned with, the Denroy Group is a multi-award-winning manufacturer with notable accreditations such as SC21 Gold for five consecutive years and EFQM 6 Star for organisational performance.

You may be more familiar with Denroy’s sister company, Denman.  Denroy has been responsible for manufacturing these iconic hairbrushes for over 50 years.

The Denroy Group (encompassing the Denroy, Denman and DENPRO divisions) also manufactures plastics components used in fighter jets, passenger planes, forklift trucks, medical devices and over 100 other applications. 

Medical Carousel

With Denroy’s expertise they can take products from concept through design, development, prototyping and testing, and finally to manufacturing, finishing, assembly and quality assurance.  They are also committed to people’s futures as well as future technologies, nurturing their talents, skills and expertise. So it is no surprise that they were one of the companies who were able to take action and help so quickly during such a difficult time in history.

 Woman at bus shelter with hero mask on

DENPRO was born out of the global pandemic of Covid-19. During the early months of the pandemic, Denroy supported the Hero Shield charity by providing face visors to local health care workers. This came to the attention of the Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland (HSCNI) who placed an order for 1 million visors. For the charity, Denroy led a consortium of local businesses to deliver this order within record time providing crucial protection at a critical time.

 With a proven track record of delivering to the healthcare sector and with a worldwide shortage of high grade FFP3 masks, HSCNI turned to DENPRO and asked for help to secure supply of FFP3 masks. During the early and rigorous stages of the design and development process, the team was able to draw upon experience and worked very closely with the HSCNI, IPC professionals and other NHS healthcare staff. This resulted in a bespoke FFP3 mask design expertly engineered for healthcare specific needs.

NI Health Minister, Robin Swann added: “To develop a brand-new product, create prototypes and have it tested, certified, and considered fit for purpose within six months is quite remarkable. I applaud Denroy for its innovation and vision.” 

With a UK state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Denroy, the DENPRO FFP3 masks have been expertly designed and engineered to offer PPE with clinical grade protection. This reassurance, coupled with the high-tech quality gained from aerospace engineering expertise, has projected DENPRO to the forefront of the healthcare industry and beyond into infection prevention control and other sectors.

Engineers working on Medical Face Masks

The portfolio of masks include the DPL01, DPL01 PLUS and DPL02 PLUS Premium FFP3 NR Disposable Non-Valved Cup-Shaped Half Mask Respirators. With patented structural design which promotes breathability, the DENPRO masks offer high fit test pass rates, optimum protection, and a secure and comfortable fit. The technology provides low breathing resistance and high filtration (99%+). They are splash resistant, latex and metal free and the 4-point head strap adjustment, electrostatic filter media and contoured, moulded face seal; makes the mask respirator highly comfortable with an APF 20 (Assigned Protection Factor).

These masks are revolutionary within the market, making them truly unique, with the added bonus of being designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland, UK.

Woman on Plane wearing a Bubl Face Mask

The Bubl™ is a reusable type II barrier mask. This mask is aimed at offering commuters a reusable mask equipped with exchangeable filters. It is also a solution to make face coverings more empathetic due to its transparent visibility nature.

 Due to the importance of all PPE the DENPRO range also includes the Heroshield 2.0 visor and will include safety glasses very soon.


 It is also top of the Denroy Group agenda to find a way of turning the environmental burden of single use face masks into a manufacturing resource. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 4 million tonnes of polypropylene PPE waste has been disposed into the environment in uncontrolled manner causing significant and long-term ecological damage. As a manufacturer of the FFP3 masks, the DENPRO team have been working tirelessly with other European countries which resulted in a pilot to recycle masks used for fit testing. The feedback from the HSCNI has been incredibly positive and the next phase to scale up the concept to recycle infectious waste is already underway.

DENPRO is collaborating with other healthcare suppliers which will revolutionise how the healthcare service deals with waste and help them to meet their sustainability goals without compromising selection or operation safety.