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Environmental Social Governance

Environmental Social Governance

Denroy is committed to building a long-term sustainable business, which will grow, provide employment and generate economic benefit in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

The foundations of the ESG Strategy are as follows:
  • Environmental Stewardship

    • To deliver net zero by 2050 by minimising energy usage
    • To identify, invest in and use all forms of renewable energy
    • To reduce waste and maximise recycling and reuse of factory generated and post consumer waste.
  • Social Responsibility

    • To be an optimal employer and valued partner to society
    • To commit to diversity, equal opportunity and the wellbeing of our employees
  • Governance

    • To comply with all laws, rules and regulations
    • To conduct an unwavering adherence to the company's core values


ESG Framework

The impact of the company on the Environment

  • Investment in solar panels on the factory roof as a source of renewable energy
  • Installation of insulation for greater thermal performance Removal of single use plastics from Denman product packaging
  • Regrind and re-use of waste parts (e.g. sprues) to reduce waste to landfill
  • Collaboration with and contribution to The Plastic Bank charity Proactive approaches to reducing scrap levels
  • Exploration of initiatives to reduce carbon footprint
  • Removal of single use plastics from Denman product packaging
  • Proactive approaches to reducing scrap levels

The contribution of a company to fairness in society

  • Commitment to promoting diversity in the workplace
  • Achievement of the Diversity Charter Mark bronze award
  • Investment in continual training and development
  • Establishment of the Employee Engagement Programme
  • Promotion of employee physical and mental health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Investment in local community initiatives, including STEM projects, school fundraisers and sports sponsorships

Processes for decision making, reporting and ethical behaviours

  • Commitment to the EFQM business model
  • Compliance with legal and organisational frameworks and regulations
  • Adherance to corporate governance in an ethical manner
  • Assurance of high standard health and safety practices
  • Compliance with independent auditing and reporting structures
  • Adherance to the company core values
Proudly supporting the Plastic Bank to reduce ocean plastics waste